Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Herman Miller's Discovering Design

This Herman Miller site is cool. Simple as that. The site features an interactive web of the key people, places, ideas and products of mid-century modern design. You can find images of the designs, vintage ads and catalogues, and video and audi clips. Click on the image of Ray and Charles Eames on their motorcycle to find a video from 1956 of the couple unveiling their lounge chair and ottoman on national televsion. Click on the picture of George Nelson to hear an audio clip of Nelson admitting how he did not even design his famous ball clock. Can you say Noguchi?


Kevin said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the nice post.

My company, People Design helped create this site for Herman Miller a few years ago to share the company's rich archives and educate buyers about the history of these products (and modernism in general). We're thankful they've continued to support the effort and are thrilled to see it grow. New versions are on the horizon.

Mid-Century Mike said...

Can't wait to see more.